Blog #3 – My first NRS win …

… and I couldn’t be more ecstatic to be able to share the win of the inaugural Amy’s Otway Classic with my teammate Ruth Corset.


Amy’s Otway Classic – Taking the win ‘hand in hand’ with my teammate Ruth Corset

The day began with a rude awakening at 4.30am for an early race start of 7.30am. As we packed the car in the dark, the atmosphere was a little dreary – the team was still half asleep and struggling from a lack of sleep the night before. This had to change ASAP. As Team DJ/ Social Coordinator, I have taken on the responsibility to ensure everyone is “geed” and ready to go before the race begins. I urgently put on some beats and the mood began to rise.

As we drove to Lorne along the Great Ocean Road, the sun started to rise over the clear pristine water- it was truly picturesque. Conditions couldn’t of been more perfect. And if my beats weren’t motivating enough… than the scenery on the way to Lorne definitely was.

Amy's Otway Classic, NRS, Sunday 14th September 2014 Road Race

Amy’s Otway Classic – Great Ocean Road

For the first 40km of the race our aim was to keep the bunch together before the 10km climb. Serene and Jo ensured nothing got away and as we turned onto Skenes Creek Road the peleton remained together as we began to climb. I waited until the gradient became steeper to launch my attack. Bam! I attacked the peleton but everone had followed. Fail. I questioned myself, “Where is this inner sprinter!?”. Could be helpful right now.

After recovering for a minute or so I decided on attack number 2. But I still didn’t get away. Now I was thinking, “I really need to work on this sprinting stuff”. I took another minute to recover and said to myself, “Ok. One last time to get away”. I kicked out of an early switchback and finally managed to create a decent gap. After working fairly hard for a couple of minutes I turned around to see Ruth bridging across to join me. I slowed up to try to recuperate and mentally prepare myself to realllllly hurt. And yes it did.


Skenes Creek Road – 10km Climb. The start of the hurt.

By the time Ruth and I reached the top of the climb we had a time gap of 2 minutes. The course remained undulating for the next 20km or so and we were able to extend our lead to 3 minutes. We found ourselves maintaining a good steady rhythm and kept pushing on, increasing our lead to 5 minutes. With a few minutes up our sleeves Ruth and I were able to enjoy the last kilometre and share the win – hand in hand. I was also really happy to take QOM and Sprinters Jersey.

AMY's-PINKAmy's- sprintersQOM-jersey

Ruth worked extremely hard for me and I definitely couldn’t of done it without her. I have always admired Ruth’s tenacious style of racing and I have learnt a profound amount of knowledge from her. Another quick “Thank You!” to the Teamies for giving there all for me.. It was without doubt a team effort and a team win.

Amys- finish

Next up on the NRS calendar is National Capital Tour on the 19th to 21st of September… So keep an eye out for my next update. I’m pretty GEED!


DTW – “Dare To Win” – was chosen for Amy’s Otway. A little bit more appropriate than the last tour’s motto. Could be a keeper.

One thought on “Blog #3 – My first NRS win …

  1. What a great read …
    Well done on a strong and smart ride.
    Excited to see how much confidence you take from this win and ride just as hard in the next race… 🙂

    Again. … well done 🙂
    Stay safe on the roads


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