Blog #2 – The Comeback

It was a long and steady process getting back into the routine of training and once again life became a balancing act of – uni, work, training. What.Is.Life. Brew time slowly turned into K’s time. And before I knew it – I was a month out from Tour of Murray and I couldn’t of been keener (That’s a word yeah?).

After having missed the first half of the racing year, I was itching to get started… And first on the National Road Series (NRS) calendar for me was Tour of Murray River. This was my comeback race. I wasn’t sure how I was going to achieve this considering it was a ‘sprinters tour’ but I was going to find my ‘inner sprinter’ and bring it!

It was a solid weekend of racing with the first stage presenting very strong winds. Suddenly trying not to get blown off my bike became a serious concern. After about 60km there was a lull in the main peloton and I took the opportunity to bridge across to the break, which consisted of Kendelle Hodges (VIS) and Alex Nicholls (Suzuki- Brumbies). Unfortunately I did not find my ‘inner sprinter’ this day but ended up with Second and Most Aggressive. For my first race back I was very happy to take Second Overall on GC and the Young Riders Classification.

TourofMurray-2nd Overall-ELLEN

2nd Overall GC / Young Riders Classification – Tour of Murray


This gave me the confidence I needed coming into the next round of NRS, which was Sam Miranda Tour of King Valley – or otherwise known as the land of wine. The nature of these races suited me a bit better and I was particularly keen to perform on the 6km dirt climb otherwise known as the “Strade Nero”.   I was successful in being aggressive and helping my teammate, Ruth Corset, maintain Overall Third Position on GC and come away with the Young Riders Classification for myself.


Podium – Sam Miranda Tour of King Valley







 I am very eager to keep the ball rolling and finish the season strong… Sooo you may be thinking – “What’s Next?” … Next up for the Holden Women’s Cycling Team is the next round of NRS- Amy’s Otway which will consist of Jemma, Ruth, Serene, Jo and Myself and following this will be National Capital Tour in Canberra.

Also if anyone has a short but effective motto I can put on my handlebars – I’m all ears! I’m currently searching for one for Amy’s Otway. And FYM is soooo last tour.


My Motto for Sam Miranda Tour of King Valley. Does anyone have a new one for my next tour ??

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