Blog #1 – The ride of my life..

I would like to start off by saying a quick “Thank You!” for checking out my blog. This blog will be based on life, my sporting journey and anything out of the ordinary that may come up along the way. If this sounds somewhat interesting then please read on and stay tuned into the ride of my life…

After a difficult 2013 of racing competitively, with continual setbacks due to my deteriorating health … The beginning of 2014 did not present a much brighter future. After countless doctors appointments I discovered I had ‘Post Viral Fatigue’ and was advised to take time off the bike and racing. My body had given up on me and I was ready to give up my dream of racing. I couldn’t bare the thought of going through another year of persistent illness. So after resigning myself to the fact that I would have to slow my dreams down, visualizing my year ahead was proving a difficult task … A lack of direction left me feeling slightly lost – what do I do now?

After taking a much-needed holiday overseas, I reassessed my options and through the support of my parents and my coach Marcel (MB Coaching) decided to give it ‘another shot’. However, in order to move forward I had to go backwards, which began with missing the Australian National Championships (This almost felt like the end of the world … Almost).

After returning from holidays I was again left with space and spare time in my life. With encouragement from my mum I decided to focus on university and started a Bachelor Degree in Exercise & Sport Science. Along with study my priorities also included getting on top of my health and doing normal human-being kind of stuff like – have a social life! With my health starting to return, it was at this time I was given the opportunity to be sponsored by the Women’s Holden Cycling Team. The future felt promising and I was motivated more than ever to start racing again.

A couple of months of just enjoying life and riding without pressure had left me starting to feel like my old self … Actually I started to feel better than my old self. I felt great. I had more energy, and as training increased, I felt like I was coping. My passion and love of riding began to return. Being sick for so long had made me appreciate what was taken away from me … It brought back that desire, and with it a clear direction of what I wanted once again. I craved to get back into racing competitively and I was out to prove to myself I could do it.

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